A quiet day yestrday.

Haircut in the morning. Love seeing Lori. She looks good and smells good. Everyone should have Lori cut their hair!

Lunch at Paradise Cafe. Read the papers.

There are a new brood of chickies following mother hen around. The rooster was no where to be seen. He did his job. Probably hanging out in some other hen’s house.

The chicken situation can become overwhelming. The Paradise people are trying to rid their property of them. They are noisy and dirty. So the chickens get periodically hosed. Gently, of course. Just enough to make them scurry away.

For whatever reason, I was tired after lunch. Laid down on the bed for a few minutes and woke three hours later.

Mc Cain returned to being a class act yesterday. His several comments regarding Obama being a good person, good family man and that he would make a good President were well said. Mc Cain further observed, and properly so however, that he, Mc Cain, would make a better President.

The campaign was getting out of control. Hatredness seemed to be overtaking the Mc Cain campaign. Perhaps rabble rousing of the worst sort. As I said yesterday, the economy and the war are the issues at this stage. Everything else is extraneous.

I was out to dinner at La Trattoria last night. I have not been there in a while. Good to see the lovely Erin and the lovely Beecha.

A friend and his fiance were at a a nearby table. I went over to say hello. It is important to note I had not had a drink yet. Somehow in the handshaking experience I knocked over a large glass of red wine. All over the table and all over him! Nothing on her fortunately.

How embarrassing! If there was a hole, I would have dove into it!

I ended up buying their dinner. It was the least I could do.

I hope they still like me.

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