The market and the debate. What else held any importance yesterday!

This credit crunch is too much for me to understand. The cause, that is. The effect everyone feels!

My 94 year old father remembers the depression of the 1930s. He is not depositing checks into his bank account. He fears bank failure. On the other hand, he is just sitting on them. Not cashing them anywhere. Recognize it is not that easy to cash checks any more.

The point is clear. We are in trouble.

Many of my friends are redistributing their wealth by scattering their money into many banks so as to have the protection of the federal government who guarantees bank accounts up to $100,000 and now, perhaps, to $250,000. The only problem is good luck! if there is bank failure and you have to collect from the government. There is not enough money to cover every one’s deposits!

We presently live in a shakey world of cards when it comes to the economy.

I believe we will recover. The whole world is involved. Governments cannot permit a total collapse. Governments will then fail to exist. The world will become a very bad place to live. Society itself is at stake.

The debate last night was not that which was trumpted all day and expected. No down and dirty. From my perspective, Obama was clearly the winner. Mc Cain just does not get it.

Another problem is Mc Cain’s age. He looked like an old man moving around the stage. The reason why: He is an old man! He looked tired and moved tired. And recognize as I have said before, I know age and its effects. I am 73; Mc Cain 71.

Other than the excitement of the market and debate, I spent a relatively quiet day yesterday. The real high point was watching 4 year old Robert play soccer early last evening. Great!

Ally at 3 is one year too young to play. So she watches Robert play. When she becomes bored, she hustles over to the swings nearby.

I left the soccer early. I passed about 50 feet from Ally on the swing. She saw me and yelled Poppa! She jumped off the swing and ran over to me. She wanted to give me a big hug and kiss good bye! What could be better!

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