Two observations.

First, Key West is unique!

I spent yesterday sitting around reading. Then a quiet dinner at home and early to bed.

I am bored.

Although a great town, Utica is not Key West. Not by any means. Nor is any other community. Key West has a flavor all its own. And I am starting to miss it!

Second, today is 2 days after Christmas. And there are still 365 days to Christmas!

I made a mistake yesterday, the day after Christmas, when I said there were 365 days to Christmas. Yesterday there were 366.

2008 is a leap year. Ergo the extra day!

You learned it here!

Several of you were kind enough to e mail me and make me aware of the error.

What will today bring? The only thing on the agenda is an appointment with my doctor this afternoon to have my prostrate examined. Wow!

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  1. Hey Lou.

    Sorry to be a pedant but it’s prostate….. prostrate is the position you assume prior to “entry”!



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