Good morning!

It’s about 4:30. Some idiot called at 2. Wrong number. I have not been able to get back to sleep.

Yesterday started slowly.

I hung around the house till lunch time. Sat outside reading a book on golf. Not that it will help!

Lunch at the Yacht Club. Me at the bar with hogfish and the papers. Hogfish is soooo delicious!

I continue to freeload at Borders. Still reading Buchanan’s book on how WW II might have been avoided. Interesting! Revealing! Read it!

Grandson Robert had his first soccer game last night. Turned out just to be practice. Regardless, he was so excited!

And so was I! And Lisa and Corey! Ally could care less. She took off to play on the swings.

We were there all of 10 minutes when it started to rain. Typical September rain. It poured monsoons! Practice ended immediately. We all hurried to our cars. Getting soaking wet in the process!

I hurried home to shower and change. I was cold!

Then to Lisa’s and Happy Birthday!

The grandkids get all excited for these things. They sang and helped Lisa blow out the candles.

Being the last of the big spenders, I bought Lisa a necklace from a street vendor on Duval for $2. I got what I paid for. It broke as she was trying it on!

Afterwards I went to Aqua for the finals of Aqua Idol. The place was packed. At least 150 people. All excited.

The three finalists were Vanessa Di Gennaro, Mary Deasy and Madge Johnson. All winners! Hard to select one over the other. But some one has to win and the winner was Vanessa Di Gennaro. Congratulations!

I compliment all three. However I have got to say Madge’s last song blew me out. She was terrific! Ten years ago, give or take a few, Madge was not a singer. Larry Smith got her to sing, encouraged her and helped develop her. She has not needed his assistance in a long time. She is now recognized as one of the premier singers on the island.

Vanessa sings at Aqua tonight from 5:30m to 7:30. She continues to fill in for Bobby Nesbitt who is enjoying Europe. Stop in and listen to Vanessa! She is great!

It was a music night. I went from Aqua to the Pier House. Larry Smith’s Ladies’ Night!

Carmen Rodriguez starred. A talent! I enjoy watching her perform.

I am going to crawl into bed now. Hope I can grab a couple of hours of sleep. Then up early to play golf. It is already early! It is 5 am!

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