Sunday! Sunday!

Love Sundays!

I am writing late this morning because of my Sunday habits. I was up and out early to buy the papers. Then made coffee and sat and liesurely read the papers. Out on the deck by the water. What a life!

Of course, Sunday morning means Meet the Press! A habit and a love! The program feeds my political junkie nature.

Now it is a little after 11 am. Time to plan the rest of my day.

This afternonn I will be at Don’s Place to watch pro football and visit with local friends. Don’s on Sunday during football season has become a local tradition.

Tonight I am having dinner at the Yacht Club with Lisa and the family. Lisa’s birthday is Tuesday. We are celebrating it this evening. I look forward to singing happy birthday to her with the grandkids!

Yesterday afternoon I went to Borders to continue reading Buchanan’s book on Churchill, Hitler and how World War II could have been avoided. A mistake! Saturday afternoon is children’s time. Dozens of them! Noise everywhere! There was no quiet place to hide and read. So I left.

Last night I had dinner with my friend Donna Barnett. She bought! Nice of her!

We ate at the bar at Antonia’s. It was quiet. In fact, the whole town is quiet. September is the dead month of the year for tourists here in Key West.

Clayton was his usual pleasant self. He is one fantastic bartender. And intelligent! But then again aren’t all bartenders! Clayton really is!

Good company! Good food! A very pleasant evening!

Afterwards we went over to Square One to see Patrick. Another bartender! A good guy!

Patrick’s partner of 26 years, Lester, recently had a stroke. He is up in Hollywood doing rehab. A difficult time for Lester and a difficult time for Patrick.

I was home in bed and asleep before 11.

The weather is absolutely beautiful! The temperature has dropped. Days it is now mid to low 80s. Evenings mid 70s. No humidity. Comfortable.

I see a hurricane is beating up the Maine coast. Bad! Our weather is screwed up. I am glad that those who claim there is no global warming have become less vocal. We have weather problems, economic problems, international problems and on and on. Not a good time. Oh, for the days of Eisenhower. It was a different world!

Tonight is Larry Smith’s Showcase at the Pier House. One of my new found favorite singers is guesting. Vanessa Di Gennaro. At 9 pm. Go! You will love her!

Talk with you tomorrow!

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