Golf was good yesterday!

My game is improving!

I won $12!

Yankee was the big winner. $37. Tino the big loser. $33. Don and Larry somewhere bewteen Tino and me.

It was fun! I pared the first hole to win it. Then lost the next 3 holes where I shoot an 8 each hole. Who knows?

The problem is that after 2 consecutive weeks of better golf, my friends want to take some strokes from me. No one cared when I was losing $15-20 every week. It is an eternal battle!

Ally is beginning to like school. Robert is older and so in a different class. She walks her brother to his class room each day, kisses him good bye and tells him not to cry. He never cried! She was the one that was crying! But the system apparently works and Ally has is becoming acclimated.

Vanessa Di Gennaro last night! At Aqua. She is sitting in for Bobby Nesbitt who is in Europe.

I enjoyed her performance. She has much gusto!

Her father was with her. He is always with her. He is the Mayor of Monroe County. A proud Dad!

Then to Antonia’s for dinner at the bar.

Great grouper last night! Spectacular!

Seated next to me was an interesting lady. Her name is Jeannie. Jeannie is sister to Patrick, one of the owners of Antonia’s. Patrick and Christopher are in Provincetown on vacation. Their 2 dogs needed sitting. So sister Jeannie came down from Baltimore to house and dog sit.

Jeannie works in the administgration of the Governor of Maryland. I forget his name. He is a Democrat. She worked for him when he was Mayor of Baltimore and he took her with him when he became Governor.

So we had an exciting conversation! Politics!

I hurried home to catch Bush’s address over TV. I don’t know what to make of him or this whole mess. Most things we have been involved in under Bush have been crisis situations requiring immediate last minute solution. No way to run a business! No way to run a government!

Mc Cain is grandstanding with this lets adjourn the debate thing. What bullshit! A President doesn’t multi task? We all do every day. Look at the number of people with more than one job to work every day.

Bocci tonight. Hope we play. The talk is that a storm is coming in. Not a bad one though. Just a lot of rain.

Enjoy your day!

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