The bikers are in!

This is Biker Weekend!

10,000 strong!

An annual event. They are here at this time every year. The town will rock this weekend!

I drove into Key West twice late yesterday afternoon. The bikers were driving south on US 1 in groups of 15-30. More motorcyles than cars! And the noise! Horrendous!

As I understand it, the bikers are from all over the country. Maybe the world. Most of them have their bikes transported to Miami. Then the bikers fly to Miami, join up with their bikes and make the ride down the keys to Key West.

Duval is closed off for the weeked. It belongs to the bikers!

More than half the bikers riding in had a woman on the back. The interesting thing was that most of these female passangers were much younger than the men driving. By 15-20 years. Must be some thing about being a biker! I should probably look into it!

And the bikers all dress the same. Denim and black leather. Headbands and cowboy hats. Some helmets. The ladies are in tight shorts. And I mean tight! With a halter or T shirt, tight also of course, accentuating their boobs.

The bikers and their companions fill the bars and restaurants of Key West this weekend. They will have a great time and the merchants will have a well deserved big weekend!

The biker crowd consists of gentlemen and ladies. Not the Marlon Brando type of old, except in dress. Today they are doctors, lawyers and indian chiefs off to have a fun filled weekend. And they conduct themselves as professional and business people.

Everyone has a good ole time! And why not!

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