The weather is getting crazy again. No, not a hurricane type storm. Just rain. The last 2 days it has rained hard for about an hour each day. When I say hard, I mean hard!

Yesterday it started about 4 in the afternoon. With lightning big time! Living on the ocean is interesting when it comes to lightning. You have never seen lightning till you’ve seen it over open water!

Anyhow, the rain screwed up bocci. No bocci! Don called to tell me the courts were too wet.

So I was showered and dressed at 6 with no place to go! I had already eaten. A sandwich at 5. Bocci night is athlete’s night. Ho ho! But I do eat lightly before the matches!

I decided to spend a quiet night at home. By 8 I felt like I did last week when I was imprisoned by Ike. So out I went!

I did not go far. I ended up at Don’s Place. I was hoping to run into some bocci frtiends.

And I did!

Larry was at the bar. No one called him so he went to bocci. He verified there were puddles of water all over the courts. Tino was there also. I spent the evening with the both of them solving the world’s problems. Actually we talked much about golf.

Curt was bartender. He had played with us Wednesday. He killed Larry on the last hole with a par. This was after Curt had put his drive in the water. Obviously Curt is a very good golfer! He cost Larry some money with that par on 18.

Michelle was at the other end of the bar. Michelle is on my bocci team. She broke her arm in an accident 4 weeks ago. It had been hard casted. Yesterday she went to a soft cast. This whole situation is difficult for her. She tends bar at Don’s and also waits tables at Duffy’s. Hang in there Michelle!

A pleasant evening.

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