Golf was fun yesterday!

I played with Curt, Don, Larry and Yankee Jack. My game was better than normal. I was able to win $4. Not much, but better than losing. Yankee was the big winner-$9.

So you can understand the range of our abilities, Curt and Don shot 84 and 85 repectively. I shot 110. And yesterday was one of my better days on the golf course! That is why I get strokes.

It was very hot on the golf course. No breeze. Armies of tiny flies all over the place. A big sweat day!

We finished just in time. On my way home it rained big time. I had to pull over. I could not see the road or traffic. And then it was over and the sun came out again!

My friend Donna Barnett is back in town. She spent the summer visiting family in Michigan and California. We had dinner at Antonia’s. A good time! She is a great conversationalist. Then it was over to Square One to see Patrick. Patrick’s partner Lester of 26 years had a stroke 10 days ago and is in a rehab center in Hollywood. I wish Les well.

A beautiful morning. How will I spend my day? It is wonderful to have that option. Tonight is bocci. That I am excited about. Bocci is fun! The people are fun! And I do not need strokes! For whatever reason, I am a hell of a better bocci player than golf player.

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