Better late than never! Sorry! I have had a busy morning.

Yesterday was beautiful weatherwise. Ike is a thing of the past.

However my Father telephoned me this morning to tell me off Ike’s ravishes in upstate New York. Yes, Ike got that far! Sixty mile per hour winds! Amazing! They only got to 70 here.

I spoke with my friend Gus in Utica this morning. Gus lives in the middle of the woods. A lovely home surrounded in green. A big tree came down over his driveway. Big trees up north have been there since the Revolution and generally are at least 3 stories high.

I was very laid back yesterday. Spent the day reading a book. Absorbing! It is Pat Buchanan’s Hitler, Churchill and How World War II Could Have Been Avoided. Recommended reading!

I am still into it. Will take the rest of the week to finish.

So it was a quiet peaceful day. Read. Stayed home. Even last night!

There is a charity fundraiser that has been going on for several weeks. Patterened after American Idol. It is held every Tuesday 7-9 at Aqua. It is called Aqua Idol.

The contestants are down to a small hand full. One is our friend Mary Deasy. Please go see her tonight and support her effort!

My 3 year old graddaighter Ally has been going to pre-school. Montessori. This is her third week. She does not like it! Lisa leaves her there screaming every morning. Breaks Lisa’s heart. Obvioiusly bothers Ally also.

We were together for a family dinner Sunday night at the Yacht Club. All of a sudden in the middle of dinner Ally announced she was never going to school again. With gusto and determination!

Lisa telephoned me this morning. Ally did not cry when she left her today. First time! Hopefully she is becoming acclimated.

Talk with you tomorrow.

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