A good day yesterday!

I went over to Don’s place to watch some pro football. And enjoy a bit of lunch. Saw many friends. Enjoyed my time there.

Ran into Jules at the bar. Jules is my bocci partner who 3 weeks ago had a tumor the size of a football removed from her stomach. She looked good! Felt Good! And looked pounds thinner!
What a way to lose weight!

This was her first day out.

Jules had gone to the doctor for her annual physical. She had been gaining weight. Thought it was just part of passing 40. The doctor told her you are either 28 weeks pregnant or have a tumor. Turned out to be a tumor. Fortunately benign. And she is on her way to recovery with a great new shape!

Jules will be back to bocci in 3 weeks. I cannot wait for her to return.

Speaking of bocci, I thought last thursday’s matches had been cancelled due to Ike. The bocci courts are within 100 feet of the Atlantic. Turns out they were not! Don asked me where I was thursday night. I told him bored out of my mind! Sitting alone at Antonia’s! The games went on and I was not there. Sad. Especially since we lost all 3 games. Not that my presence would have made a difference!

Last night was a special evening with Larry Smith at the Pier House. His guest performer was Yankee Jack!

Yankee is the best! A great human being! Everyone loves him!

And last night he was at peak performance!

Yankee writes these little diddies and then puts them to music. How he comes up with them, I do not know. What a talent! He meshes words and music together so well.

Yankee sang a song he finished writing at the Pier House parking lot last night. Yes, in the parking lot! He had to read the words off a piece of paper he had written them on. Reminded me of Lincoln and his Gettysburg address written on a paper bag. Genius from nothing!

The song had to do with college kids. Larry goaded Tino from Chicago and Trini Lopez from Denmark to get up and sort of dance to the tune. Tino was the muscular college lad with abs. Trini the college girl with a good looking body and a tattoo on her butt. Tino and Trini are both 60 plus. But they played their parts well.

Very well. At one point in Yankee’s song, he sang of the college girl showing off the tattoo on her butt. And Trini being the sport she is, played the part well. She dropped her drawers a bit and even lifted her T shirt a bit! Only in Key West! The best place in the world with the best people in the world!

Yankee performs at the Bull on Duval afternoons. You should stop in sometime and listen to him.

Love you, Yankee!

Larry’s daughter Journey is in town visiting her Dad. She ia a talented performer in her own right. The fruit does not fall far from the tree. She, her father and Christine sang some songs together. All original works by one or all of them. Great music!

All in all, yesterday was a very good day!

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