I almost forgot to do my blog this morning. Which means I am enjoying the day so far!

I woke just before the sun rose. So I went outside to watch. Beautiful! It came up behind a line of gray clouds. First reflected bright red. Then a huge yellow ball!

I went out and bought the Sunday papers. I have been sitting outside reading them since. The weather is perfect. You would never know a few days ago Ike had visited us.

Yesterday afternoon was fun! Four year old grandson Robert went to join his soccer team for the first time. He got a whole uniform. T shirt, shorts and shin socks. He looked terrific dressed! He looks terrific no matter how he is dressed! Love him!

Anyhow there were a thousand little ones running around. It was sort of a first meeting for the league. They just met. Did not actually play.

Robert was proud. And I was proud to be there watching him!

I had not slept well the night before. So I was tired. Decided to stay in last night. I was asleep by 9 and woke just after 6 this morning when I went out to meet the sun.

In the words of Porky Pig, that’s all folks!

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