Yesterday was a day like all days weatherwise here in Key West.

Sun bright. Slight breeze. Little to no huumidity. Very few clouds in the sky.

It would be hard to know Ike had visited us a few days before. Except for the Smathers Beach area.

Smathers is on the Atlantic side of the island. I understood the street was flooded during Ike. Also that the sand had been blown away.

So I drove over.

There was no sand left on the beaches. Only 20-30 foot high mounds of mud. What occurs during a storm is that the sand gets blown out. The wind then beats at the under cover of soil. Plain dirt. It was the dirt that made up those 20-30 foot high mounds. Not sand.

And the stink was horrendous! Dead fish. Foul sea weed. And whatever.

Machinery and dump trucks were working cleaning and moving the soil around. I understand new sand will be coming within a month from somewhere else. Key West and its waters do not naturally create their own sand beaches. A freak of nature. So sand is purchased elsewhere and delivered to Key West. Generally from Bermuda.

The other interesting observation was that the Atlantic was moving fast. There were white caps as far as the eye could see. And the water was being driven up the full width of the beach, almost to the sidewalk.

I found the whitecaps and speed of the water interesting. I had just left my home and the water was basically quiet. Moving slowly. I live on the gulf side. I do not know where the fast water was coming from or what was generating it. Ike had already long passed us and was on the verge of hitting Texas. No one else understood why either.

Like most Americans, I watched Ike hit Texas and Louisiana last night. Till the early morning. Until the sun comes up in those places, we will not know the true extent of the damage.

One thing was certain as I watched the storm on TV. We were lucky we dodged the bullet! Very lucky!

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