I am still here! Alive and well! As all Key West is!

Yesterday turned into a typical mild Key West day. Sunny and bright. A bit humid. But windy! 20-30 miles per hour.

Only locals remain. 99 % of them. They never left.

Duval and the rest of the island are closed up. Plywood and metal shutters all over the place.

The weather was so nice last night at dinner time that Lisa and family and I went out to dinner. There are only about 3 places open. We went to Jack Flatts on Duval. Most of the people there had little kids. It was obvious. The parents had to get out to preserve their sanity! Staying in all day cloistered with the children was a bit too much to bear!

I stopped into Don’s Place afterwards for a drink. Packed. Ike the topic of conversation.

I was home early. Very early. Like 8ish. No where to go.

Around 10 it started. Ike’s bands had finally reached us. Strong winds and heavy rain. Woke me off and on during the evening.

I stepped outside this morning. Dark yet at 8. Heavy clouds. Moving fast off the Atlantic. Wind about 30-40 miles per hour. Rain off and on. Probably will be this way all day.

We are lucky! Ike turned south while over Cuba. Had it moved north we might have been hit. So what we are experiencing is a mild tropical storm as opposed to a 3 or 4 cat hurricane.

The national TV people have been camped out on Duval in front of La concha and Fast Buck Freddies for several days. Disappointingly with no real story. Ike didn’t hit! However they try hard to find weather news. Any little thing. And that is what people around the world see on their TV sets.

TV comment is made as to why people are out in their cars. Simple answer. The hard storm fortunately missed us. So why not go out!

My father told me yesterday how TV showed the long line of cars leaving Key West on US 1. It could not have been a recent clip. There was no traffic either way.

TV was taking pictures of families going in and out of Jack Flatts last night. I assume that was shown on TV. A story in itself.

Animals are smarter than humans!

While I and other locals were out yesterday and last night, I have seen no birds or iguanas.

Chickens. Ah, the poor chickens!

Apparently they are not as smart as other type birds or iguanas. They need help to escape.

There was an article in yesterday’s paper about the Key West Wildlife Center and chickens. The Wildlife Center is a not for profit that cares about chickens amongst other wildlife. The Wildlife Center crated 312 chickens in cat cages and shipped them up to northern Florida to avoid the anticiapted ravages of Ike. How’s that for consideration!

The chickens had been caught over the previous month. The Wildlife Center did not have the people or capability to protect them in the event Ike hit. So they got them out of harm’s way!

My sense is that today is going to be a sloppy day weather wise. Rain and wind. Big wind. And tomorrow will be back to normal. Until the next time. Remember that the hurricane season lasts till November. And the natives here tell me that early October is generally the worse time.

Hopefully not.

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