Ho ho ho! Less than 24 hours till Santa comes!

I think I am cracking up! Already!

Yesterday was a quiet one. Did a little last minute shopping. Saw a few friends. Did not drink. Needed a day off and tonight will be a big one.

My wife has been cooking for three weeks in anticipation for this evening. Christmas Eve is our big holiday. A big Italian one! The seven fishes. The whole family waits in eager anticipation for this meal!

We are up to 21 for dinner. My nephew flew in from Miami Saturday night to surprise my father. His grandfather. My sister flew in yesterday from Tampa. She was expected. My niece and her new husband flew in from Dallas last evening. They were not expected. Surprise! Niece and husband are staying at my house.

The family is coming together for my father. A nice thing. And a not so nice thing when you think about the underlying motivation. A last big party! Although Dad has been failing, I would not be surprised if he was here 10 years from now. And I would hope so! I remember a New Year’s eve some 7 years ago when my father and I sat alone in my living room before the fire till after midnight talking about nothing and everything. Everyone else had gone out partying. I had this weird feeling this was going to be our last New Year together so I opted to be with him that evening. It is now 7 years later and the whole family is opting to do the same thing on Christmas eve. I hope their underlying suspicions are as wrong as mine were 7 years ago.

Preparation for this evening’s meal creates a kitchen disaster for several days. The meal preparation is my wife’s work. Not mine. I am Italian.

Proud that I was alcohol free for the day, I went to bed at 7 pm with a book. And my dream of sugar plums was a good night’s sleep to ready me for Christmas eve!

No way! My unannounced niece and husband showed up at 8. Being the good host, I was downstairs in robe entertaining them till midnight. And had a drink or two of course!

Christmas eve morning is upon us. I have a 10 am manicure appointment. The phone just rang. My sister fell on the ice at my father’s house. Emergency room here I come!

This is going to be an interesting Christmas eve dinner tonight. Half the people do not talk to each other. They have not sat at a table together in years. I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds!

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