Bocci last night! What fun!

We only won 1 of 3 games. However all 3 were very close. Could have gone either way in the end. So we were not unhappy in defeat.

Jenny and Lindsey were there playing on another court.

Jenny is my friend from Walgreen’s.

Lindsey works all over. Next week she starts the 7 am shift at Don’s Place tending Bar. The Breakfast Club! She will work till 5. Then at 5:30 she is at the college taking courses. Good girl!

Lindsey was a blond last week. Last night she was a brunette. Still lovely! But I find it all very confusing.

I hurried home to catch McCain’s speech. I made it well before 10. However it was shades of the night before. I fell asleep before his talk commenced. I am getting old. There is not a bed I cannot immediately fall asleep in!

Hanna is going to cause some anguish to the eastern seaboard. Key West has been sparred.

However Ike continues to threaten. Although Ike is many miles out to sea yet, it is a Category 4 and aimed directly at the Keys. It could bend right at the last moment as Hanna has done. Too early to tell however. Ike will hit somewhere Wednesday. So we will not know its actual path till Sunday or Monday.

These storms are like raw wounds. They keep you aching. And wondering…..

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