People are getting nervous here! Hurricane talk is overwhelming!

Hanna will not be a problem. Perhaps some rain. However Ike is starting to drive some crazy. The talk is Ike will hit us right on! I think such conversation is very premature. The hurricane is still a week away. Several people told me yesterday they were making plans to leave town.

And then there is Josephine. Josephine is still off the coast of Africa. However it is large and ominous appearing. Time will tell.

Key West was quiet last night. Very quiet. Like nobody in town. The restaurants had about 6 people each in them. No one on the streets.

Strange because WomanFest started last night. Three thousand ladies are here for their annual celebration. However they were no where to be seen. Except at the Pier House.

Tuesday night is Larry Smith’s Ladies’ Night at the Wine Galley. I stopped in. I had heard his featured singer was terrific. Her name is Lenore Tiori. I hope I spelled her last name correctly. If not, I apologize.

Lenore is here for WomanFest. She is a former Key Wester. Travels all over now. She is a professional entertainer.

Lenore performs her own material. Good stuff! She and Larry joined well last night to make for an entertaining evening.

Whereas the rest of Key West was dead, the Wine Galley was crowded. Lenore brought them in.

Mary Jo was there with a table of friends. I continue to admire her! What a woman!

May Deasy stopped in. She looked especially terrific last night!

Peter Diamond and Holly were there also. Peter has such a great voice. Frank Sinatra style. I was disappointed he did not sing a song or two last night. And Holly is such a nice warm person! The two of them together make a great couple! Obviously attentive to each other. A quality relationship.

Today is Wednesday. Golf day. I am off and running. How bad will I play today? Such is my mind set every time I play. Perhaps if I had a more positive mental perspective my game might be better. Who knows!

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