The weather is magnificent here! What a difference a few days make.

Sun shining. Water moving slowly. The slightest breeze.

Yes, we are fortunate! Gustav could have been here! We lucked out because of a weather front hanging over mid and south Florida that pushed Gustav further south. The luck of the draw!

I enjoyed a quiet day yesterday. Slept late. Unusual for me. Then bought the Sunday papers and read forever. Visited Lisa and the grandkids. Robert and Ally were napping. Angels! Lisa and I talked.

Stayed in last night. Watched a lot of TV. Between Gustav and movies, my evening was full.

Need to get out and walk this morning. I have not for a few days. Between the weather and a holiday mentality, I have been lazy in the exercise regard.

I am 3-4 weeks post diet. I have only gained 2 pounds. Not bad! There is always some sort of gain once a diet is ended. I have obviously been watching what I eat. The eternal battle!

I am off for my walk…..

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