Bocci last night! Opening of a new season! Fun!

It was good to play again!

We won 2 and lost 1. We lost the first game. Opening game gitters, I guess. We killed them in the next 2 games!

We all played well…..after the first game.

David and I teamed together. David lost 60 pounds plus between seasons. He looks terrific! Twenty years younger!

David’s Karen stopped by to say hello. She could not play. She is taking college courses and had an exam last night.

Jules is usually my partner. However she is home recovering from surgery. A tumor the size of a football was removed from her stomach. Fortunately it was benign. She is recovering well. She, too, is going to be thinner when she returns! What a team! We are all beginning to look like athletes!

Michelle is back. Poor Michedlle was playing with a cast on her right wrist. And she was cut and bruised all over. She was hit by a car 2 days earlier. Fortunately she is left handed! So she was able to play! Shades of Tiger!

Don of Don’s Place is our captain. He provided his usuual good humor, ability and leadership. After we lost the first game, his admonition to me was to have a drink before the second game. And he was right! I had a gin and played better!

We have a new guy. Shane. First time he ever played bocci was last night. Young and athletic. He played well and is going to develop into an asset.

Remember Jenny from Walgreen’s? She was back. A pretty young thing! Last season she played for Hyatt. Hyatt is no more this season so she and some friends started their own team. It is called Just For Us or Just Girls or something like that. I talked with her after a couple of gins (at Don’s consistent wise suggestion) and so I do not recall the team’s exact name.

Anyhow, it was nice seeing Jenny again! And her team mate Lindsey! Another young beauty!

Jenny and Lindsey were playing against Larry Smith’s team. He harrassed the hell out of them all night in typical Larry Smith fashion. I do not know who took unfair advantage of the other. However the girls were winning the last game of their match as I left.

I am up early this morning. Dark. Window open. All of a sudden it has started raining big time. I can hear it. Not see it.

Although I stopped at Don’s Place for a drink afterwards last night, I got home in time for Obama’s speech. Fantastic! He came out swinging! We need a change in Washington!

Still dark. I am going back to bed.

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