Another great day starting! So beautiful here this morning! My desk sits on the second floor. The window in front of me is open. All I can see is endless ocean and the top of a palm tree. Blue and green basking in the sun! A real turn on!

President Clinton was great last night! An outstanding orator! He was one of our best Presidents in spite of his moral slip. We would all be better off if this country was in the same economic and international condition it was when Clinton left office.

My grandkids survived their first day at pre school. However they were both beat by the time they arrived home. I stopped by to see them. Walking zombies! I guess that is the way it is when you are 4 and 3 and go all out all day.

Last night was Wednesday evening. Bobby Nesbitt at Aqua! Great, as usual!

Tonight is special. The bocci season kicks off! We have not played in about 3 months. I am anxious to get started again!

So much for today. I am going outside on the deck, have a cup of coffee and contemplate my navel.

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