I must be up earlier than normal today. The sun has yet to rise. It is not dark however. Shades of gray. A lovely gray!

The weather has been fantastic in Key West since tropical storm Fay. Again, we missed the bullet! Luckily! Look at the devestation in central and north Florida. And strange! Remember that Fay never achieved the intensity of a hurricane.

The iguana population continues to be a growing problem. They are all over the place. Eating the foliage and defecating.

Are they infectuous in any way to humans? Some say they carry bad things which will infect humans. Others say no way.

There was a recent comment in the Voice column of the local paper. The writer conceded that iguanas are germ carrying. But he stated that so are children. And we do not go around exterminating our kids because they get colds and and have virus infections.

A stupid analogy!

My understanding is that there is no determination that iguanas are dangerous to humans from a health perspective. However they are from a property point of view. My foliage is expensive to plant and expensive to maintain. Gardening and watering cost money. Especially here in the keys! and my grandkids stepping in iguana poop while playing is also a problem.

So lets get rid of the iguanas!

Studies are underway to effect that end. A merciless disposition is being sought. So far the best extermination method is freezing. Only in America! They will be with us 10 years from now!

The chickens have survived. So too will the iguanas!

I spent a very pleasant Sunday afternoon yesterday.

I bought several different Sunday papers, threw them in the trunk and drove up the keys with the top down on the car.

I ended up at Boondocks outside of Big Pine. Shades of Hogfish and Schooner’s Wharf. Only cleaner and a bit more elegant.

I stayed about 3 hours. Ate a bit. Drank a couple of pina coladas. And quietly read the papers!

A nice afternoon.

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