It was a day like all days…..

It started yesterday with a stop at Sears. I needed a new pair of kakis. Or chinos as the word may be these days.

Sears is the store of choice in Key West for clothes. Such is island living.

Afterwards I walked the waterfront.

People are in town for the weekend. Tourists have returned following tropical storm Fay.

Lunch and the papers at Paradise Cafe. I could feel the heat yesterday, so I ate inside.

Then to the drugstore and Lisa’s. My poor grandkids are both sick with fever and colds. Robert looked terrible!

I hurried home for the first Obama-Biden appearance at 3. Interesting. I suspect it is going to be a knock ’em dead campaign from this point forward.

My beard was 4 days old and I did not feel like shaving. So I had dinner at Hogfish at the bar. Fish and chips! Always good!

And then home to bed!

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