Wow! We missed the bullet!

This tropical storm Fay is worst than a hurricane! The flooding damage in northern Florida is terrible! Fay hung over us for about 6-8 hours without moving. Now it sits over larger parts of Florida for longer times. But it rains big time whereas here in the lower keys the heavy rain was about 2 hours.

Nature sure can be a problem!

The weather here in Key West is magnificent for the second consecutive day following the storm. Like nothing ever happened!

I played golf yesterday. With Larry, Don and Tino. Funny. During the cooler months we generally have 12 guys showing up to play. In the summer, everyone is gone. Yesterday we were down to 4. Two weeks ago I played with only 2 others.

Whether 4 or 12, it was a fun day! Larry was the big winner. I was happy to break even. I played terrible! Horrible!

The fairways were a bit damp. Not necessarily puddles. Just soft.

The greens were amazing. Fast!

Three years ago Hurricane Wilma flooded the course under 5 feet of salt water. The greens were destroyed. All were replaced. They were rebuilt to handle salt water and flooding in the future. Whatever was done apparently works effectively. The greens were dry, fast and challenging!

Bocci was supposed to start tonight. However Fay flooded the courts. So we will not start the new season till next Thursday. A disappointment. I enjoy bocci!

Last night was Bobby Nesbitt time at Aqua. As usual, a great perfromance!

Bobby plays from 5:30 to 7:30. At 7:30 following Bobby’s show, Aqua was having a survival block party. A post tropical storm Fay party! Two of Aqua’s drag queens were there for the party. Dressed! I must be here in wa wa land too long! They were absolutely beautiful!

I did not stay for the party. I dragged (like the use of that word) myself away to Lisa’s to say good night to the grandchildren.

Enjoy your day!

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