The storm Fay is beating up central and north Florida. I guess we were lucky here in Key west.

The weather turned yesterday around noon. The sun came out. There was a warm breeze. It rained slightly off and on.

Last night there was no breeze. Strange.

This morning is absolutely beautiful! Just a few clouds. The blue sky can be seen again. A cool breeze.

What a difference a day makes!

I noticed no damage as I went about town last night. We were lucky.

The locals were out. You get stir crazy after a couple of days of confinement. The airport opened at noon. I assume tourists will start filtering in. It should be a normal weekend.

So much for Fay!

Lisa just called. She says there is another storm forming off the coast of Africa. We will all have an extra concern each time this happens now. And this is only the beginning. Hurricane season does not end till November!

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