A hurricane is coming!

Monday night or Tuesday morning.

I have never stayed for a hurricane before. I am this time. Don’t ask me why.

It will either remain a tropical storm or rise as a high as a 2. I can handle up to a 2. A 3 is questionable. And if ever a 4 or 5, it’s good bye! But this one is projected as no higher than a 2.

I started getting ready yesterday.

Food. Bought some canned goods and things that do not need cooling. Also a can opener. If the storm is bad, the power will go.

Bought a lot of water. Will buy more today. For whatever reason, there is no water for a while after a hurricane. I also plan on filling the jacuzzi with water tomorrow so I will have water to flush the toilet and the like.

I will buy 2 flashlights and a small battery radio today.

Tomorrow morning the deck furniture gets dumped in the pool. All outside lights are unscrewed and stored. The outdoor TV will be brought in. The windows will be boarded with plywood. Sandbags will be laid around the base of the house and the entrances through the wall. My home is walled with 2 gated entrances. All get plugged with sand bags to fight off any surge. The house is built 8 feet above sea level which is a blessing. Key West is at sea level. So an 8 foot surge is needed to do any damage to the house.

A mandatory evacuation for tourists/visitors has been called for this morning. Next will be for residents. Those that wish to go. It will probably come tomorrow morning. I will stay. Most if not all of my friends also. Lisa and her family are staying. She has been through this before.

All this preparation could be for nothing also. The hurricane could turn away at any point.

They are showing the projected path right now on TV. Straight over Key West!

Talk with you tomorrow with the latest hurricane update!

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