Good morning world!

Great day outside! Bright shinning sun, very few clouds and a nice cool breeze off the ocean. Key West IS the place to live!

I was talking with my 94 year old father yesterday. He still lives in Utica in upstate New York. He says the leaves are beginning to change. Slight, but noticable.

The summer is over in upstate New York August 15th. Every year! The evenings start getting chilly. The trees start turning. The high is around 72. Such is life!

And here in key West we are talking about the hottest most humid time which is supposed to be starting now and goes into September!

Last night was a big musical evening.

I stopped first at Aqua. The Arts Council is doing a fundraiser. Runs several weeks. Singers are eliminated weekly as on the national TV shows.

Mary Deasy asked me to attend. I am glad I did. She was terrific! And wore great high heels! Go Mary!

Afterwards I went over to the Wine Galley at the Pier House. Larry Smith features Ladies Night on Tuesdays.

Last night’s female entertainer (does not sound quite right) was the ever fabulous Kathleen Peace. What a voice! What a pleasure to listen to her! And what a smile! Fills the room!

OK. Time for my walk. May everyone have a great day!

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