Another beautiful day starting!

The weather has been spectacular this summer. Warm/hot, but not humid. It was humid for a couple of weeks back in June, but that was it. The days are hot like upstate New York. The evenings comfortable. I rarely use air conditioning in the evening. I sleep with the doors open to the outside and cool the house with the ocean breeze.

What a life!

This war over in Georgia is upsetting!

Russia rolls in and beats the hell out of the small guy. Like Germany invading the small low lying countries prior to World War II.

While this war is starting, there are Bush and Putin sitting one seat apart in at the Olympics. Both in shirt sleeves and chatting as if attending a football game. For all the world to see on TV.

Georgia says to the United States help us. But we cannot. We are powerless. Our army is stretched thin because of Iraq. Where are we going to get the troops, even if we wanted to? Russia knew what it was doing and what we were capabale or incapable of doing.

And don’t forget that Bush several years ago looked into Putin’ eyes and saw his soul. Bush reported Putin was a good man. That good man is a former KGB agent and has just slaughtered 2,000 Georgians in much less time than it took for us to lose the same number in Iraq.

We have become a paper tiger.

Our President sits and chats while people die. And all because our troops are tired and depleted because of his ill conceived Iraqi war.

Again, this Russian invasion is so vividly comparable to Hitler and Germany rolling into Poland and Checkoslavakia.

What can we do? What will we do?

I see from the morning news that Russia has instiuted a cease fire. How nice! After capturing the territory they wanted and destroying people and property to accomplish it. The world will probably ultimately appease Russia and permit it to keep the conquered portions of Georgia. That is today. What happens tomorrow when the Russian bear is hungry for further conquests and acquisitions? Putin’s goal from day one has been to restore Russia to its former days of glory and power.

We need a new President and a new approach to world affairs. Whoever it is better be one hell of a smart man because the bullies are going to come out of the woodwork in increasing numbers!

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