Played golf yesterday. Horrible! The worst I have played in a year!

I played with Larry, Nick and Tino. As bad as I was I still pared 2 consectutve holes on the back side. A 3 and a 4. I never par anything! Who knows with this game!

Wednesday night is Bobby Nesbtt time at Aqua. Mark Watson and Randy Thompson joined him for a song or two. Both have great voices.

My evening took me to Don’s Place. Dave and Karen were there. Karen looked terrific! As always!

Dave I did not recognize! He had to talk to me! I did not know him!

He has lost 56 pounds. What a difference! He also shaved his beard and moustache. He was a Hemingway look a like.

He looked 25 years younger!

Congratulatinons Dave! Keep it off!

Have to run! Have an early mornig meeting. Talk with you tomorrow.

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