Beautiful sunrise this morning!

Lisa and her family returned from their vacation yeserday. It is good to have them back. I mssed them.

Good golf yestrday afternoon. Singh is to be congratualed on winning. Mickelson blew it on the last 2 holes. It is difficult to understand how a golfer of his quality could play so badly on the last 2 holes.

The lobster mini season is upon us. It started Wednesday. Prior to the start, the paper said it was a time when people died. The paper was correct. Three divers died Wednesday in the keys diving for lobsters. It is the out of condition overweight men who invite heart attacks diving and holding their breaths under water. Sad that such a wonderful experience results in such tragedy.

The presidential campaigning is ludicrous. We demean the important with these ads. Too much is at stake in this coutry. We are at a crossroad as a nation and as a people. Survival and quality of life are at stake. Have we reached point where our political process no longer serves our needs?

I must see the doctor today. I have had a pain for a week that is starting to give me concern.

My weight continus to hold, even though I am eating. 21 pounds!

Enjoy your day!

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