The weather remains the same here in Utica. COLD! VERY COLD!

And gray!

Utica sits in a valley. The Mohawk Valley of historical revolutionary fame. Clouds hang over the valley all winter. Rarely do they separate to let the sun in.

I took my father to the physical therapist yesterday. He has a bad shoulder and a bad leg. So he works them out with a trainer 3 times a week. At age 93!

The gym was a regrigerator! A huge building. It would cost a fortune to properly heat it. My father worked up a bit of a sweast, so he was ok. I sat reading a book and frooze!

Last night was drinks and dinner with friends at our golf club. It was good to see them and others. I have been away since early September. Christmas spirit abounded!

I watch Morning Joe on MSNBC every morning. This morning there was an ad by Joseph A. Banks. A leather glove ad! $65 a pair. But marked down this morning only till noon for $19. Everyone is in to it! Banks and Macy’s must use the same ad agency!

A Utica attorney died yesterday. Nick Priore. A good guy! The best! And a friend. 46 years old. Dropped in court. A brain anyeurism. Just like that he was gone.

Enjoy not only each day my friends. Enjoy each moment! One never knows…..

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