Another great morning!

The beauty of it all!

I wish everyone could see it!

I was lazy yesterday. Just hung around the house till mid afternoon doing nothing.

Then I walked. In the heat of the mid day sun!

Stopped at the Pier House beachside bar for water and diet Pepsi. Read the papers while there. Quite a crowd.

It is interesting how the town is packed with people on weekends in the summer. Weekdays are dead. But the weekends big!

People drive down from South Forida to Key West. Hotel/motel and food prices are cheaper. Visitors take avantage of it. It works. Good for them and good for the local economy.

I had a late dinner last night at the bar at La Trattoria. Ate my first full meal. Snapper done in oil and capers. Erin wanted to know if it was orgastic. Absolutely!

And one gin!

I had planned on going out afterwards. It was after 10. Turned out the meal was enough excitement for the night. I went home to bed instead.

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