What a beautiful morning!

Bright sun! Blue water! Green palm trees! Little breeze!

A God’s in his Heaven and all’s right with the world day!

I never left the house during the day yesterday. Had loads of paperwork to do.

However last night was to be my night on the town. La Te Da and a few drinks! Bobby Nesbitt and Bruce Moore were doing a show.

I never made it.

I showered, shaved, dressed. Admired my waist in the mirror as I left. The diet was worth it!

Into the car and on my way.

Got a half mile from the house and the car started wobbling. I had a flat!

The last time I changed a flat was 51 years ago when I was at law school. No way that I was going to do it!

I have an Audi emergency service card. They sold me the program when I bought the car last year. There is always a first time. So I tried it.

Absolutely fantastic service!

Within 20 minutes Alex Service from Ramrod Key showed up. The service man was neatly attired. Not grimey. He knew exactly what he was doing. Was polite.

I was also peased that I did not have a donut for a spare. I guess you pay enough for a car, you get all the works!

It was a bit humid last night. I was standing around while the tire was being changed. By the time it was changed, my slightly starched shirt was soaking wet. It was drooping and I felt uncomfortable. No way I could go out. So I returned home and watched TV.

It was an OK result. I would have had 2 drinks and probably gained a pound. Instead I lost a pound. 21 total and I was not even trying!

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