No blog ysterday. Sorry. I am still waiting for delivery of my new computer.

Played golf yesterday. With Larry, Roger, Bud and Nick. Fun!

Why fun? Because I finally won!

I was the big dollar winner! All of $24! When someone else wins, it is $50-70. I win and it is only $24! But a win is a win and I am not complaining!

I never win. So it was a treat. And a lesson learned!

The winner buys drinks afterwards. The drinks cost me $16. So I only netted $8 on the deal! But again I was happy to win.

Do not get the impression I am good. I get strokes. I need them!

I get 1 on all holes, except the 3s. And on certain holes I get 2. I need them! No one complains giving them to me. The guys I play with are good golfers!

The diet is ongoing. Another pound today. I am up to 14. 6 more to go. I can’t wait to finish. The diet is getting difficult!

Today is my son John’s birthday. He is 48.

I remember the night he was born. We were living in Syracuse at the time. I was attending law school.

His mother got pains in the early evening. This was to be her first born. She was not in a hurry to get to the hospital. She wanted to eat first. So we stopped at a take-out and she had a greasy cheeseburger and a chocoalte milk shake. Of course, she lost it all soon after we arrived at the hospital.

Births were not as they are today. It was 1959. Husbands were not allowed to stay in the labor room with the wife. I was on the first floor of the hospital and my wife on the sixth.

I was allowed to visit her for a few minutes on one occasion. The rooms are not as the birthing rooms of today. My poor wife was in a small stark room. Dark. The sides of the bed were pulled up. She was agonizing. No TV or music. The only sounds were from the woman next door who was in labor also. And she was screaming and cussing!

My wife was a trooper. She was biting her bottom lip. Scared as hell! Honestly, I was glad I could not stay. Men were not cut out for these things in those days.

John was born just before midnight. When they let me up to the 6th floor to seem him, I got scared. He was covered with gook. And his head was pointed! I asked the nurse holding him what was wrong with his head. She said nothing. She then took the palm of her hand and pressed his skull downward. He was now normal appearing! She explained he was a forceps delivery and that had caused his head to be elongated.

John has grown up. As I said, he is 48 now. A father of 4. And a lawyer also. He and my daughter Lori now run the law firm I started.

Happy birthday son!

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