Sunday afternoon!

Still without a computer. I am working at Lisa’s.

Diet seems to be at a standstill. Sixteen days and still only 12 pounds lost. I have not dropped even a pound in several days. Not very encouraging!

I finally cheated last night. Only a bit. Went to La Trattoria to sit at the bar. Ate home first. Ordered a gin on the rocks. Only drank half of it. For some reason, I was not enjoying it.

Body thinner though. I can see it and feel it in my clothes.

One of these mornings soon I will see a 2-3 pound drop on the scale. I hope!

Rained heavy this morning. So no beach visit with the grandkids. We have eliminated Sunday breakfast at Camille’s till I am off the diet.

Chickens are getting harassed a bit. The local paper reported 2 animal cruelty incidents regarding the chickens.

The first was someone killing them with a pellet gun. Another name for a bb gun, I assume.

The other was a baseball bat.

The individual who used the bat was charged wth animal brutality. The pellet gun incident is still under investigation to see if it qualifies for a charge.

Anna returned from Berlin.

She says the German people were excited that Obama was going to speak in front of Brandenberg Gate. She further reported the German people were not in agreement with the German President asking Obama not to speak there.

Regarding the snake in her mother’s vestibule, the police do not know where it came from. So unless another one shows up, that is the end of that story.

The recent Key West weather has been hot and humid by day and comfortable by evening. I have not needed air conditioning in the evening the last 10 days.

Again, this is a rainy day. First one in a long time. Rain off and on. In fact, it is thundering big time right now.

My life is dull while I am on the diet. I am doing good in abstaining from food and drink. However it puts a serious crink in my social life. I basicall stay home every night. It is the only way I can avoid the near occasion of sin. By sin, of course, I mean food and drink. Any other type sin is generally on the abstention list anyhow.

The Presidential campaign is dull. The primary was more exciting.

I am surprised Obama is not leading by a greater margin in the polls. With all the adverse things affecting us, he should have a 20 point lead instead of 4-8 points.

Could it possibly be discomfort with a person of color running?

Food is getting expensive. I do not have to tell you. Even with the meager amounts I buy on this diet, I can see an increase in prices.

I am a yougurt buff. I shop at Publix. ThePublix brand comes in an 8 ounce container. Publix has stopped selling the 8 ounce container. It has been reduced to 6 ounces. Price wise there has been an alteration also. Depending on the special price on a given day, I find that the 6 ounce container will cost more.

The yogurt is bought in multiples. Generally 8 or 10 at a time. Uner the new system and smaller container, I will be getting 4 ounces less for the same price. Four ounces less for the same money to me and everyone else who purchases yogurt on a regular basis is a lot of money and obviously increased profit to Publix. At consumer expense!

Another rip off! For shame Publix!

I am lost without a computer. I can’t wait for the new one to arrive and be set up.

Larry Smith features a female singer every Tuesday night at the Pier House. This Tuesday Kathleen Peace is featured. A fantastic voice! Go listen to her!

Time for my diet snack. Talk with you tomorrow.

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