I made it! I am in the north country! Utica, NY. Home of my roots.

When I arrived in Syracuse last night it was cold! 22 degrees! And I complained of 66 the day before in Key West! Never again!

There is snow everywhere. Syracuse has had 52 inches already in December alone! The snow in Utica is about 3 feet, except at the curb line where it is plowed even higher.

The 3 flights north were uneventful with one exception also. I was up early yesterday morning. Had a lot of time to leisure around and get ready to go to the airport. The phone rang. It was the airline. My flight out of Key West was cancelled and I had 45 minutes to get to the airport to catch a much earlier flight. I had to shower, shave and all the rest yet. Also had to get a ride to the airport. Called my daughter Lisa to hurry over. Did what I had to do and arrived just in time at the airline counter.

The airport was basically deserted. I was told my later flight was cancelled because there were only 3 people on it.

Short of getting a heart attack in catching the first plane, the flights were uneventful. And I arrived on time! Unusual for a winter trip.

It always amazes me when I travel in the winter how different people look the farther north one gets. In the keys everyone is golden and healthy looking. In Newark, everyone is pale and haggard appearing. The weather does beat us up!

My home is lovely! Well decorated for the holidays! Not because of anything I do or did. My wife returned a couple of weeks ago and deserves the credit. There is a beautifully decorated 9 foot tree. Wreaths and ornaments everywhere. Garland and branches covering the staircase. Warm and homey! It is Christmas time!

When I went to bed, I could not get the chill out of my bones. I turned on the fireplace. Soon the room was toasty. The only way to describe it. So warm I soon did not even need a blanket. And slept the night away like a new born baby!

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