Beautiful day right now. When I woke it was pouring rain. Sun bright. Sparkling colors. Water blue. Palm trees green.

We started my birthdy celebration yesterday at the Fort Zach beach. Lisa, Cory and the grandkids. Hot!

I spent most of the time slouched in a sand chair. Robert played in the water a lotlly preferred building a sand castle.

Then it was to Lisa’s for a birthday lunch. I did not eat because of the diet.

Followed by my blue birthday cake which the grandkids had helped make. Crayon candles. Then we sang Happy Birthday! and Robert and Ally helped me blow out the candles.

The rest of the day and evening I spent quietly at home. The diet inhibits my activities.

Still on the diet. Lost another pound. 9 total. 11 to go. This is day 11.

Columbia is not the place to visit at this time. I mentioned the other day that Mike Yutzy spent a long weekend there. Now my friend Clayton is due to leave for a week long vacation in Columbia.

Clayton is the bartender at Antonia’s. He has been to Columbia before. Says it is a terrific place to visit. I told him I hope he gets back to Key West!

Enjoy your day!

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