What famous American was born on July 6, 1935?

I was!

Today is my birthday. I am 73 years old.

For some reason, this birthday is bothering me. A heavy feeling. Like when we turn 30. The last time a birthday impacted me was 50. I sailed through 60 and 70 with no problem.

It will pass.

I started the birthday celebration last night. My good friend Donna Barnett took me to dinner at Antonia’s. I had a very good time. She is good company!

Of course, I did not eat. I’m a cheap date! One water, 4 diet pepsi’s and two cups of coffee. Decaffeinated after last week’s experience!

The lovely and dynamic Kathleen Peace was having dinner there also. A beautiful person, inside and out. I find her exciting.

Kathleen was with a woman I thought I recognized. Turned out I did know her. Her name is Robin. She is a big time music instructor here in Key West.

I know Robin from the Paradise Cafe. Her love was her dog. Old, infirmed and blind. Sad. She walked the dog every day. And every day she would stop at Paradise Cafe with the dog. It had become somewhat of a tradition over the years for the Paradise people to provide Robin’s dog with fresh roast beef each morning. As Robin used to say and I am sure the dog felt, a treat!

Unfortunately the dog passed away several months ago. Kathleen and Robin told me that a remembrance/celebration party was recently held in memory of Robin’s pet. Only in Key West!

After my liquid dinner, I was off to La Te Da. Only had 1 drink. Another diet Pepsi.

Debra and Michael are still featured. Tonight will be their last night. They return in the fall.

Debra sang happy birthday to me. Embarassing, but nice. Thank you Debra!

I am celebrating my birthday today with Lisa and her family.

We are starting this morning with an excursion to the beach. Fort Zach. For about 2 hours.

The kids are excited. And honestly, so am I.

Then back to Lisa’s for a birthday lunch.

Lisa and the grandkids baked me a cake. Ally is into colors. She insisted I was to have a blue birthday. That I am! However she meant colorwise. So my cake is blue! For real! At least the frosting which I saw.

I lost no weight yesterday. Two consecutive days of no weight loss. I am not concerned. Before the week is out, I will experience a 2-3 pound loss at one time.

Talk with you tomorrow.

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