The weather here in Key West during this time of the year is intertesting. It is hot as hell by day!And comfotable by night! Just a touch of warmth. Night time air conditioning not yet required.

I watched the fireworks last evening from my bedroom balcony. I could see them over White Street Pier. However I was too far away to hear. No problem, however. I had the TV on loud so I could hear it out on the balcony. The Washington Symphony was on the PBS channel with its Independence Day celebration. I combined Washington and Key West for a memorable evening!

Met Jenny yesterday.

I was at Walgreen’s to pick up a prescription. The cute young lady waiting on me said “…Where do I know you from?” I told her not from the bars as she was much younger than me and obviously we didn’t frequent the same places. This was her first job, so it could not have been a place where she had worked before.

Then it came to her. “Bocci!”

Jenny plays for the Hyatt team. So we laughed and chatted about our bocci experiences. The pharmacist was listening in and laughing along with us. He has never played. After last night, he just might this season.

Remember my friend Mike Yutzy from Scottsdale. He writes that he took a long weekend in Columbia last week to visit a girl friend. He was there when the hostages were released. I told him he was crazy to go to Columbia for any reason–including a woman! It’s people like him that end up getting captured and spending 5 years with a chain around the neck and tied to a tree.

Next time Mike, date a woman closer to home!

Heard from Anna again. She is back in Venice visiting her elderly mother.

Rats. Now snakes!

Anna writes a 4 foot snake was discovered in the inside hallway to her mother’s condominium. She even sent me 2 pictures of the snake, which the police had taken. Yes, the police.

Apparently the snake is not common to Venice or even Italy for that matter. The police are investigating.

Ah, the dramas of life!

Today is the completion of 8 days on my diet. I did not lose 1 pound in the last 24 hours. However I expected this to happen. After 7 consecutive days of losing at least 1 pound a day and based on last year’s experience with the same diet, I knew the streak had to end. So there is no panic.

Still 12 pounds to go.

I thought I might cheat yesterday. I did not. I am proud of my myself.

Till tomorrow…..

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