Golfing was pure torture yesterday!

The humidity was overwhelming. At the end of 18 holes my tee shirt was soaking wet and criss- crossed with salt lines. My eyes were irritated from the salty sweat running into them. In fact, they are still red this morning. Just as if I had been drinking last night. Which I was not!

Plus the diet makes me tired.

It was hell!

And it showed in my play!

We were a five some. Larry, Yankee, Roger, Bud and me. So we played wolf.

Roger won all the money. $60. I lost $21.

The benefit was the exercise. Big time out there yesterday! Good for the diet!

This morning is the end of day 6. I have lost 7 pounds. Not bad! 13 more to go.

The recession continues to be felt in Key West. Just as in the rest of the country.

Alice’s Restaurant closed its doors this weekend. For good!

How sad!

One of Alice’s owners was Alice. A notable Key West person! An icon!

She has been around with her restaurnat for many years. A popular place. In fact, I just ate there last week. Crispy duck! Not only did she run a great restauant for a very long time, she also was very community minded. Always there with a helping hand and smile.

And now Alice’s is no more! It could not survive this horrendous economic turndown we are experiencing.

Bluntly stated, it pisses me off that no one can seem to do anything to stop this downward economic plunge. Gas prices keep goiong up, people keep losing their homes and jobs, food is so much more expensive and on and on and on. Where are our leaders? What are they doing?

Rosemary Torchia died.

Rosemary and I went to high school together. A pretty bubbly girl! We costarred in the senior play in high school. Yes, I was an actor even then!

I have only seen Rosemary one time since graduation. Sad.

Too many of my class mates are departing this earth lately. Makes you sort of wonder.

The water is moving beautifully outside my window. I think I am going to take extra time today to enjoy it.

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