Good morning world!

I am up and running! This is the big day! I return to my roots. I go to Utica, New York to visit family and friends for the holidays.

Getting there is no easy task, especially in the winter. Three planes. Key West to Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale to Newark, Newark to Syracuse. Then a 50 mile drive from Syracuse to Utica.

I leave at 9 this morning and IF all planes are on time, I arrive in Syracuse at 6 this evening. If one plane is late, I do not know how long it will take or where I may be sleeping this evening.

An adventure! Actually I look forward to it. I bought a new biography on Condoleezza Rice and will let it absorb me through out the day. I also enjoy the experience of fast foods in the airports. As I am sure you have noted, I do not partake of such in Key West. So all in all, an interesting day awaits me.

Yesterday was a quiet one. The day before leaving. I paid bills, packed and went to the drug store and the book store. Saw the grandchildren. Robert had a new Bat Mobile and he was excited. I was too! It did everything! Toys are fantastic today. Ally had a new pink hand mike so she was showing off swinging around singing Sound of Music songs. A star entertainer in the making!

I had dinner at the bar at La Traattoria. Good as usual. And then home to bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head in anticipation of today’s trip!

Actually it was one gin too many!

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