Sunday! A wonderful day!

The first thing this morning was stepping on the scale. I have completed 2 days of my diet. I lost 1 pound. That makes for a total of 3. Seventeen pounds to go!

Yesterday started with a long bike ride around the island. It was humid and windy, so a bit difficult.

Spent the rest of the day home. Payed bills and read.

Decided to go out last night. Showered and shaved and all that sort of thing.

Started with the bar at La Trattoria. No food. Only liquids. Erin was great as she served me. One water, 1 diet Pepsi and 2 cups of coffee! It also gave me the opportunity to visit with people.

Then to La Te Da to listen to Debra and Patrick. And chat with friends. Ordered 1 diet Pepsi, which I did not finish.

Then home to bed.

I slept poorly last night. Not sure why. Could be withdrawal. Besides consuming food, I enjoy drinking. Not that much, but every day. Cutting alcohol off abruptly probably disrupts sleep for a while.

I heard from Anna again. I beleive I have mentioned her in the past. She lives in Venice.

Anna reported she just completed a month’s vacation in Greece. Visited Tinos, Mikonos and the Santorini Islands. One day while there, she found a small quiet cove and beach. Desolate. No one else around.

She advises she sun bath topless. I love these Europeans! Especially Anna who is in her mid 60s!

While enjoying the sun and solitude, a large yacht pulled into the cove. Soon a small boatload of people joined her on the beach.

It was Elton John and a group of friends. She partied with them all afternoon.

Anna is now back in Venice visiting her elderly mother. Then she is off to Germany for a granddaughter’s confirmation. Following which she is returning to the Greek Isles for a few more weeks.

Anna lives well! Bless her! God has!

Sunday means breakfast with the grandkids. At Camille’s. Only this morning my breakfast will be limited to a glass of water and cup of coffee!

Day 3 of the diet is upon me.

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