Every journey starts with a first step.

Yesterday was day 1 of my diet.

I weighed myself upon rising this morning. Lost 2 pounds! A start!

I also exercised yesterday. Swam a whole hour in the pool. Oh, what a good boy am I! May this enthusiasm continue for another 18 pounds!

Overall a quiet day yesterday. Hung around the house. Did some paper work. Lisa and the grandkids showed up to swim in the afternoon. Such a joy to have them around!

Bars and restaurants are not part of the diet regime. They are near occasions of sin. And must be avoided!

So I went to the movies last night. No popcorn. Just Diet Pepsi. Saw the Get Smart movie. Good! Funny!

Kathleen Peace was singing with Larry Smith at the Pier House last night. I wanted to hear her. Love Kathleen and her voice! However I feared I was not strong enough to handle the bar scene. So I did not go! Home to bed immediately after the movie was out!


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