Where do I begin…..

Chickens continue to be in the local news.

Two years ago the city fathers decided to hire a chicken catcher to capture the many chickens running around town. After capture, he was to transport them to a chicken farm in northern Florida. Apparently chickens are some sort of endangered species and cannot be destroyed willy nilly. Only by human plan for consumption purposes. Quite frankly, I doubt anyone would want to eat the Key West chickens.

Anyhow, the chicken catcher was to be paid $20 per chicken. Taking into account the time factor in the capture and the transportation costs, I question whether it was a great deal financially.

He caught about 2,000 and shipped them out.Then he quit. Said the natives were so enamoured with the chickens, they made his job difficult. Protecting the chickens and the like. He claimed he would set traps and cages, and the local citizens would set the chickens free after capture.Typical Key West!

At the time the chicken catcher started, it was estimated there were 4,000 chickens. That left 2,000 when he resigned.

There was an article in the local newspaper this week that the chickens were a problem again! I did not need the paper to tell me! They are all over the place!

The news article was informative. A hen’s gestation period is 26 days. And she delivers 10-12 eggs. Now I know why there are so many eggs and chicken wings available for sale! And why Key West has well over 4,000 chickens running around its streets. Maybe it will become like Planet of the Apes and the chickens will some day take over!

I begin my diet today. Nutrisystem. Where, by the way, I will be consuming 2 hardboiled eggs a day!

I did the diet last year. Lost 50 pounds in 4 months. Twenty of it has been gained back. I want to get rid of those 20 pounds before it gets worse. So I ordered Nutrisystem again. The food came in yesterday. I start today.

I anticipate I can lose the 20 pounds in 5 weeks. Based on last year’s experience, I should lose 8 pounds the first week and then a steady 3 pounds every week there after.

Five weeks brings me to August 1st. I start the diet at 226. Lets see what happens. How often will I weaken? Will I succeed or fail?

Last night was my last supper! Ate at Michael’s Restaurant. Thought I would pig out! However my normal self preservation and reservation prevailed. I only had 2 drinks. Did have an appetizer. Scallops with brie. Then hogfish for my entre.

Hogfish is a the best of local fishes. Absolutely delicious. Expensive. And bears a very common name for the king of Key West fishes!

My day yesterday started with a Key West Symphony board meeting. At the Westin’s Bistro at noon.

I was there. No one else was. The table was set up for the meeting. The staff said a meeting was scheduled. But no one was there but me.

I called several other board members. No one was home available. Only answering machines.
So after waiting a half hour, I decided the meeting had been cancelled and someone had failed to convey the cancellation to me. Such respect!

Actually the time was not wasted. I am rarely in the area of the Westin by day. So I walked around. A cruise ship had just come in. It was interesting to see all the day time activity around the Hotel and nearby museums.

I have a new cell phone. An experience learning it! I am from the generation that is not mechanically inclined. I frustrate easily. And the instruction book is too confusing for me. However I am getting there. I spent the afternoon playing with the phone and entering numbers into it.

The Democratic primary was exciting! The general election is not as yet. I am finding it boring. Not good for a political junkie! At some point it should heat up like the primary. I hope so!

Time to go downstairs and start my Nutrisystem diet. Day 1! Thirty four to go!

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