I had a good time playing golf yesterday!

Except for the heat! The humidity was overwhelming! There was a strong hot breeze!

I played well till the heat got to me.

It tired me out on the back nine.

I played with Larry smith and Yankee Jack. Two good guys! It was a fun round.

We played a money game. It all came down to the last hole. We were tied up to that point.

Larry won. Yankee and I lost. Cost me $5. It was worth it to play with these 2 guys!

I spent the afternoon in bed in my air conditioned bedroom. Under the covers!

I am going on a diet soon. I am waiting for my shipment of Nutrisystem foods.

You will recall that last year I lost 50 pounds on the diet. Twenty have been gained back. Time to get serious again!

My mentality is such that I prepare for a diet. It is a form of training. I eat a bit more!

Last night it was a few drinks and dinner at Alice’s restaurant. A fantastic tuna roll appetizer. And then her famous crispy duck!

It was 9:30 when I went to bed. The beating I took playing golf had finally taken its toll!

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