Had lunch with Victoria McFadyen yesterday.

Victoria is a Key West attorney. Competent and respected. Gracefully charming. A real winner!

Afterwards I decided to be nice to Louis. So I opted for the pleasure of a pedicure.

It’s a tough life!

Hot yesterday. Lisa and the grandkids came over around 5 to swim. I joined them in the pool. The water was warm. Like bath water.

Robert hit me in the head with a noodle. It hurt! It was learning time for Robert!

Last night it was La Trattoria for dinner.

Beeca is back. Good! She had been to Georgia for a week visiting family.

Erin was her usual brilliant self bartending and serving. Bartenders such as Erin are attractions. They are personalities. Stars in their own right. Customers are attracted to a particular bar/restaurant to visit with persons such as Erin.

Then early to bed. And yes, I did sleep! All night!

Golf this morning. The sky is overcast. Intermittent showers predicted. Hope we get 18 holes in without getting drenched!

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