Busy day yesterday.

Worked much of the day.

Part of my labors involved purchasing a new cell phone. What an ordeal! Took over 2 hours!

I wanted the new I phone. Was told it cannot be purchased till July 11. So I opted to buy a cheapie till then. $39 and it does everything! Fortunately the salesperson set the phone up for me. The e mail wouldn’t hook up with Yahoo. Three different phones were tried. Can you picture me at home with the instruction book doing it and having no success!

It turned out the whole batch of that cheapie model were defective. So I had to upgrade to $59 to get a working model. Still a good deal!

Last night I had dinner at Tavern ‘N Town at the relatively new Beachside Resort.

I had been there for drinks in the past. Never dinner.

First, the place is absolutely beautiful! New York/Chicago atmosphere in Key West.

And the food was equally great!

I highly recomend Tavern ‘N Town to everyone! A dining experience!

The hostess was a young Ukranian lady. Twenty years old. She is here for 3 months as a working intern. She also was in Key West a year ago for a brief period.

She is studying in the Ukraine to be a dentist. She is in her fourth year of university. Has 1 more year to go and then a 1 year intern as a dentist. All toll, it takes 6 years to become a dentist in the Ukraine. She was young, but university study starts at 16 in her country.

I asked her if dentists made money in the Ukraine. She exhuberently stated Yes! Then I told her about my cap which recently had to be replaced and which cost $1200. She was shocked. One cap she asked! Surprise covered her face! Turns out dentistry does not pay that well in the Ukraine.

She is firm in wanting to live her life in the Ukraine. I doubt the money factor will influence her in any way.

It was nice meeting and chatting with her. Bright, cheerful and ready to take on the world!

I was tired from my “work day” yesterday so I returned home to bed immediately after dinner. Around 9:30. For some reason I woke at 3 am. Just as the Michael Keaton/Kim Basenger/ Jack Nicholson Batman movie started on TV. I had never seen it. I got hooked. So my tired body never got back to sleep.

It is going to be a tough day!

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