Sundays are a pattern. A good one!

First, breakfast at Camille’s with the grandkids.Then to the coffee house to sit on the front porch and read the New York papers.

Later pool time with Lisa and the grandchildren. An event!

Lisa forgot to bring a change of clothes for Robert. He came in his bathing trunks. Robert just turned 4. So I gave him my smallest tee shirt. We lost him in it! He reminded me of one of the seven dwarfs!

Last night I had dinner at the bar at La Trattoria. No Becca. I was disappointed. Spoke with Kathy the bartender. She is originally from Albany. Our chatter involved a comparison of upstate New York and the keys. Obviouly the keys won!

After dinner I needed a Larry Smith fix. So it was off to the Pier House for his Sunday Night Showcase. As usual, good music! All orchestrated by Larry.

Key West is jumping. I am surprised. Apparently there is a second season. The summer season! The streets are crowding up, as well as the restaurants. And everything is cheaper! That is probably why there is a second season this year.


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