It is getting light this morning. The sun is just rising. Or trying to! It is behind a heavy cloud bank. It will be gray all day.

The temperature is 64. The anticipated high now is 66. A cold day in Key West! The effects of the northeaster are upon us!

My friends up north laugh when I comment on the isolated cold spells we experience in the keys. Since it is 20 degrees in northern New York this morning, I can understand. But it has been that cold up north for weeks now. Key West has been experiencing low 80 degree days for weeks. A 20 degree drop overnight does add up to COLD!

Yesterday was a rainy drizzly day all day! Nothing heavy. It just kept coming down.

Such days are No Name Pub days for me.

No Name Pub is about 30 miles north. It is somewhere off route 1 and next to Big Pine Key. Almost impossible to find! It takes a series of back roads off the main highway to locate it. No Name Pub even advertises that people will be lucky to find it the first few times they attempt going there.

I have been enjoying No Name Pub for 20 years so I finally know my way. However I must admit that I still experience a tinge of pride every time I arrive there without getting lost.

The place is a dump! The only way it can be described. A small beat up clapboard house. Inside is a big tall square bar. And non matching tables and chairs. Not only do the tables not match, the chairs do not match the tables.

The ceilings and walls are covered with $1 bills. All over! People sign and date them. They are generally stapled in place. There are so many and have been there so long that the green paper is turning brown. Our currency that cannot discolor is discoloring!

About 5 years ago I asked one of the owners for an estimate as to how much was covering the ceiling and walls. Note that the money hangs like bats in a cave! He estimated about $4,000. I believe him. And it is still growing!

One goes to No Name Pub for 2 reasons. The first is the adventure involved in getting there. The second is the food. It actually is very good! The pizza is outstanding. Thin crusted with what ever toppings you enjoy. Expect about 2 inches of toppings. Yesterday I had wings and pizza with cheese, sausage, meatballs and pepperoni. Great! And I also at the same time watched on TV Miami win which made the No Name experience yesterday even better!

One historical tidbit about No Name Pub. The menu says the place was a brothel during the late 1930s and into the early 1940s. For you who might have thought there was no sex in the keys!

Last night was an experience! A musical one!

You will recall that about a month ago Larry Smith did a 1980s rock and roll showcase at the Pier House. It starred his lovely wife Christine. The very best music I had ever heard up to that time! And I am exposed to a lot of music! The show was repeated last night at the Pier House.

It was not better than the first time. It was that good the first time. And last night was equally good! So it was a great show repeated! An experience again!

Ray Sigismonde was on the electric guitar for both shows. A talent! And he is not a professional! An amateur oozing again with talent. His body gyrated up and down and his knees even groveled on the floor as he played the guitar. His fingers were steaming and hot!

Ray is originally from New York City. He worked with Harlan in the limousine service business. He now heads up security at the Casa Marina Resort, lives on a houseboat and rides around town on a moped. And plays his guitar whenever he can! What a life!

Kathleen Peace accompanied Christine in the singing. Kathleen has a spectacular voice! Outstanding! There are not enough adjectives to describe the power of her singing. Her range raised the ceiling and expanded the walls! For real!

And a beautiful woman also!

She reminds me in voice and beauty of Kathryn Grayson, the 1950s and 1960s Hollywood movie star who sang in many of the musicals of that era.

I do not know from whence Kathleen originates. However it is obvious that she is a Key West success. She is the Food and Beverage Manager at the Pier House. A big job in and of itself! Additionally she owns and operates a women’s boutique in Bahama Village. And she sings every opportunity she gets!

I have a busy day ahead of me. A lot of little things to do. I leave tomorrow for upstate New York for 2 weeks for the holidays. Worry not! I shall not desert you! I intend to write from there about the snow, ice and cold! And everything else that the northerners do!

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