It is a lovely Sunday morning in Key West!

Sun bright, sky blue, water moving and a cool early morning breeze in the air. Going to be another great day in Key West!

Several weeks ago I wrote concerning the death of a friend. Bob “Woody” Warren. Yesterday Woody’s Key West friends celebrated his life. Some of his family came to Key West to join in the occasion.

Woody’s remembrance started with a 2 o’clock church service at the Metropolitan Community Church of Key West.

The Church was packed! Standing room only! To be expected as far as Woody was concerned. He was respected and loved.

It was my first attendance at a service at the Metropoitan Community Church. It represents itself as the religious home for gay parishioners, though all are welcome. I was impressed with the service and the ministers. All very moving and insightful. I held hands, sang and prayed. And shed an occasional tear as Woody was remembered.

It is only after death that we sometimes learn interesting things about people. The little things that go unnoticed in life.

One of the ministers pointed out that every Saturday, Woody was in the Church hall packaging meals for the elderly and homeless. Every Saturday for years!

There were two other functions scheduled following the Chruch service. Unfortunately I could not attend.

At 4 there was a party at Square One Restaurant. Square One was Woody’s favorite haunt. He could be found every evening at cocktail time at the bar. With a warm greeting and kind word for all!

Then at 6 was the event of the day! With a number of friends in attendance, Woody’s ashes were strewn into the Atlantic Ocean from the White Street Pier. A fitting place for such a memorable event! A fitting place to recive Woody’s remains! Woody is now part of a greater scenerio not only in Heaven, but also here on earth. As I look out my window at the water this morning, I have a sense of his presence.

Woody touched a lot of hearts. Woody, we all loved you!

Last night I went to dinner with my friend Donna Barnett. We went to Martin’s. A great meal!

We wanted to sit outside. However it was a bit muggy and there was no breeze. The lack of a breeze means those tiny bothersome bugs called no-see-me’s were out and biting. So we opted to move inside to no bugs and air conditioning.

It was a long dinner. We talked much. It had been a while since we had seen each other.

Then to La Te Da for a drink. Only one drink. We both were tired.

However we said …..why not one more! And so we stopped at Square One for a last drink. It was not late. Around 10. However Patty Cakes was locking up Square One, so it turned out to be a quick drink, talk about Woody and we were off!

I almost forgot! Donna won an award! A big deal one!

Donna works at the Days Inn. In guest services. The lodging association presented her with the Florida Keys Human Resource Excellence in Service Award. A mouthful!

The award covers all of the keys. From Key Largo to Key West. Some150 miles. And my Donna, our Donna, was the sole recipient. The winner from all those employees in all of the hundreds of hotels/motels which make up the keys.

Good job Donna! Congratulations!

Today is Sunday. Sunday is breakfast with Lisa and the grandkids at Cazmille’s. I love it!

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