Golf yesterday!

It was hot hot! The humidity was heavy! I played with Aaron, Bud and Yankee Jack. Our shirts were sweating wet before we even teed off for the first hole. That is hot!

Everyone’s game was so so. The highlight of the game was Bud chipping in from about 40 yards out for a birdie on the first hole.

After golf, I drove into town to lunch at Paradise Cafe. I had not been there for a week. I needed the Paradise fix, Cuban toast and Cuban coffee!

Then home for a much needed nap. The golf game/humidity had wiped me out.

But it was not to be.

Lisa got out of work early. She brought the grandkids over to swim.

Last night I stopped at the Yacht Club for a drink. Glad I did. Ran into an old friend I had not seen for a while.

Then to Kwest. It was Wednesday and Wednesday is Bobby Nesbitt time at Kwest!

What a voice! I enjoyed singing along with every one else.

I was hungry. Where to go? I decided on Antonia’s where I had dinner at the bar. Clayton the bartender was good company as well as some other guests at the bar.

I was home and in bed early. By 9:30. Still tired from the golf earlier in the day.

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